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Creative Designing is a field where you do computer-generated graphics and digital animation which is designed to envision a future product. It also involves projects that are creative, powerful and unforgettable. It’s about thinking out of the box to make it exclusive. It may include a custom font created by hand, designing a logo or having new imagery to make the customer stand out in their market.

At Walls and Gates, we provide our client with the best and most presentable creative designs, that enhances the image of their brands. 

quality Designs

We make quality and exceptionally creative designs meet all necessary standards.


We are grandmaster in colours, irrespective of your brand colour, we light it up.

Quality Prints

At Walls and Gates, our printing press is skilled in their production, giving you your design output.

What We Have Here for You

At Walls and Gates CPS, we are grand masters in the following.

Brand Logo

Get a unique logo for your business that defines the image of your brand


Create stunning mockup designs for products.


Get all your graphics and artwork printed while maintaining all colors.

Gifts & Souvenir

Get a branded Souvenir , Gift for your events, we deliver 100% excellence.

Large Format Printing

Get the best quality of designs and prints for all large format displays.

Products Packaging

Looking to package your products in a unique way? you are at the right place.

UX / UI Design

Get exceptional User interface designs for every product you are pushing.

Signage Production

Showcase your business to potential customers, we design and install signages.

T-shirt Branding

Get your company T-shirt branded in a unique way that enhances your business imaging.

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