Walls and Gates Limited

School Support System

Walls and Gates School Support

We understand that an orderly environment is the best place for students to learn. We are also aware that schools
make an effort to ensure that children are given the best experience within the four walls of the school.
We dedicate ourselves to sourcing the best of materials for the projects we embark on so that we can offer you great
quality at an affordable price.  

School support deals with the activities and products that work together to protect the unique identity of schools and reinforce the brand image of schools                       

School support services offer the following benefits.

  • It increases a sense of equality and solidarity amongst student because by appearance, there is no stark contrast.
    • It is a mark of class and professionalism.
    • It identifies those who belong to a school and make outsiders easy to spot.
    • It promotes school spirit amongst children
    • It also promotes solidarity with the community because the students become easily recognized.
    It promotes the school brand and serves as an identifier where ever the students go.

Services We Render

Branding of school uniforms
Branding of school cardigans
Sport Wears
Branding of socks
School Badges
Student Ties
Safety Kits